What is Artisan Coffee?

Possibly the most over-used word in the coffee industry today, creating artisan coffee isn’t as frivolous as it’s made out to be. At The Flying Squirrel, though it may seem a bit of an exaggeration, we literally do know where every bean of our coffee comes from. Almost all our coffee is micro-lot, ‘handcrafted’, and taken through some uniquely creative, natural process to make it taste and smell exactly the way it does.

We grow some of our beautiful coffee in the midst of citrus, vanilla or spice plantations to give it those subtle nuances in the final cup. We grow some of our coffee in the heavily forested areas of our estates. Some coffee is grown in the shade of banana plantations. Some of our coffee is even grown wild. Some batches of our harvest we process naturally, with the skin and pulp on, drying out in the gorgeous Kodagu (Coorg) sunshine. For other batches we use the method of pulp sun drying - leaving a bit of the fruity pulp on, and then fermenting it for a wee bit before we dry it out in brick yards. And there’s some batches for which we wash the beans off all the pulp and then dry it out naturally giving it a much milder, nuanced final cup.

For our Clouds In My Coffee variant, we send our beans on a 2 month vacation to coastal Karnataka, where they live by the sea, soaking in all the goodness of moist sea air which gives the beans a very unique and highly sought-after flavour profile.