A summer romance to last a lifetime


Imagine sitting out on your terrace on a lazy summer morning, a good book resting in your lap, sparrows chirping far in the distance. The scorching sun shines down upon you as beads of sweat trickle down your neck. You reach out your hand, only to find that the last of your chilled mango slushie has turned into an unappetizing puddle of warm sugar water.You heave a sigh of disappointment, remembering how just yesterday you’d offered your last can of beer to the landlord when he’d come around for the rent. Bereft of the beer, betrayed by the slushie, you gingerly go back indoors and settle for glass of tepid water.

But what if we told you that with just a few household ingredients, you can find the perfect summertime soulmate?


Presenting, the Master of the Cool, the Cold Coffee Latte!

With the sultry summer heat on the rise, a delicious glass of cold coffee latte is, in many ways, better than finding a good companion. Right from the first indulgent sip, you know that this is the start of something beautiful. The full-bodied comfort of the refreshing cold blend is exactly what you need to stay cool on a hot summer day. Tall, dark and enticing, it fills you up with a satisfaction that soothes your soul. It will blow your mind in ways you have only imagined up until now.

And the best part is it only takes aminute to prepare (if you’ve got the coffee ready).



According to a study, cold-brewed coffee is about 70 percent less acidic than hot-brewed. What this means is that your coffee’s inherent fruitiness is preserved and the burnt flavour that often ruins hot-brewed coffee is no longer a worry. The minimized acidity makes it a much healthier option for your stomach and your teeth. And then there’s the fact that cold-brewed coffee just tastes so much better.

To whip up your perfect soulmate, add ice and sugar (optional) to a cup of freshly brewed coffee and stir well. For the best results, use finely ground coffee. Gently pour a generous portion of milk into the blend and watch as the mesmerizing concoction turns from dark brown to a soft caramel hue.



This is when you know that your coffee has blended perfectly. That is when you add the final touch to your masterpiece – a blissful layer of foam. Make the foam layer by agitating hot milk with a milk frother. Scoop out a few spoons and pour it onto the top of your coffee for true latte goodness.



All that’s left to do now is a little jig as the coffee lover in you rejoices.

Having a soulmate is not always about love. Sometimes, you can find your soulmate in a cup of coffee.