Artisan Coffee – A labor of love


We’d like to think of Artisan Coffee as a marriage between science and art. No, not the kind of marriage you read about on social media platforms, where people invariably go over one melting point of convergence.

But the ones where two schools of thought dovetail atmany points of convergence, through many acts of experimentation and exploration, showing you why there’s more to a successful marriage, than just showing up at the doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine!

Artisan Coffee is a labour of love – grown and roasted as a slew of experiments, with great attention to detail, and perfected over countless hard-nosed iterations. All endeavoring to hit the circled sweet spot of our favorite coffee connoisseur – you.

For instance, we grow coffee laboriously in an orange patch, for the right citrusy notes to wash over your palette when you drink it. Or, some is grown under banana trees for the pitch-perfect play between light and shade, as the banana tree nannies the baby Arabica from ordinary to artisan. The same is true for the pulping process as well, as we’ll do anything that nature permits us, to get you hints and notes of aromas and flavors, that you’ve never experienced before.

As passionate as we are at growing beans, we aren’t growing coffee out of whimsical urges. It isn’t just throwing things together like a mad scientist would, to see if they add a unique texture to the coffee. Tej, the main brain behind our artisan coffee, is a third-generation coffee farmer. His hands on approach and dummy runs are based on thorough knowledge of the Arabica plant. A holistic knowledge of the roots, the soil, light and every influential scientific factor is factored into the life cycle of a bean, before it magically transforms into artisan coffee.

Most of the coffee branded as artisan is usually market-bought, premium or grade “A” coffee, with very little or sometimes even zero labor of love. These buyers, sadly, have no control over the growing and roasting process. The farmer does all the heavy duty lifting, providing an undeniably good bean, that is then repackaged and repurposed as, well, artisan.

We run an online artisan coffee store in India. The real kind. The one where coffee is given the time and space to blossom from ordinary to artisan. So go on, order your cuppa of artisan coffee today, and experience the subtle notes of awesomeness. You will not be disappointed.