Filter Kaapi


If you’ve had some, you’d know we’re not kidding when we say filter kaapi is magic potion. The real deal, no-bullshit, saving lives for cheap at 10 rupees per cup kind. We love our cappuccinos, but when it comes to picking favorites, it would be hard to leave ol’ filter kaapi off the list. And why would we, when our magic cuppa is just so good?

First off, there’s the smell – strong, fresh coffee with just a dash of chicory (the only cuppa where chicory is acceptable). Then there’s the taste, one you’re likely to remember with its bitter undertones and hints (not to mention whiffs!) of caramel. And of course there’s the experience, of pouring it out repeatedly from the tumbler to the shorter, bowl-like dish called the dabarah, that filter kaapi is traditionally served in, in South India. We could go on, but that would really ruin the suspense in case you haven’t ever had a cup yet.

Called filter coffee because of the traditional Indian filter in which it is prepared (a process comparable to drip-brewing), it is really crazy the number of names this drink is known by, and even crazier the stories behind them. What is essentially a drink prepared by mixing some of the decoction produced in the filter with boiling milk and sugar according to preference, it’s also called meter coffee and degree coffee. We would tell you all the anecdotes behind the names too, but you’d really like them better if you hear them from a local coffeewallah while he’s mixing you a hot one. Or you can google them, while you buy fresh coffee online at Flying Squirrel to get your dream cup at home.

If we really were to talk about it though, the absolute best thing about filter kaapi, is that it’s a people’s drink- versatile (think Monday morning elixirs in shot-glass sized paper cups) and accessible (has anyone ever sold you a Café Latte at 10 bucks?). And it stays in your head. Maybe that’s because the decoction that makes filter coffee is said to be even stronger than espresso. Need another reason to try it out if you haven’t yet?

Buy fresh coffee online at The Flying Squirrel, where we have Café Chic, artisan coffee specially designed with better beans to take your filter coffee experience to the next level. But most importantly, if you haven’t had filter coffee, you must try it. Whether you buy coffee online or get your first cup from a coffeewallah, do hurry. This is one coffee you must not be missing.