Health Benefits Of Coffee


For coffee lovers coffee is at the heart of everything they do, but can the beverage have health benefits too?Seemingly countless scientific studies have been carried out into the effects of coffee over the years but here we’re going to look at just a few of these.It’s common knowledge that coffee’s high levels of caffeine can boost a person’s energy levels, but what other health-enhancing qualities does our beloved drink have?

Prevents depression

We may feel like a cup of coffee wakes us up and makes us a little cheerier in the mornings, but there is scientific research to show that the beverage may in fact prevent a person from developing depression.

Furthermore, drinking between two and four cups of coffee each day could potentially reduce an adult’s risk of committing suicide by 50 per cent!

Lowers diabetes risk

Regular coffee drinkers have lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Also, coffee helps to regulate the body’s glucose levels.

Decreases stress

While the above health effects relate to physically drinking coffee, research also shows that simply smelling the powerful aroma of a bean-based brew could significantly decrease an individual’s stress levels.

It was found that smelling roasted coffee made them calmer and better prepared to face the day.

It was found that smelling roasted coffee made them calmer and better prepared to face the day.

Reduces cancer risk

There are countless studies published in the media about different foods and drinks that could potentially prevent cancer – some of which revolve around coffee.

There is certainly a great deal of conflicting research out there regarding the potential health effects of coffee.

However, as long as you still enjoy drinking it and your caffeine consumption does not get out of hand, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a few cups of the aromatic beverage each day.