How to add a sparkle to your day


It’s been an uninspiring day so far. The same old routine is beginning to get old, and you find yourself wondering how your life came to this – a never-ending loop of standing up from one place simply to sit in another.It’s too hot to enjoy your morning coffee, and though you yearn for adventure you know there’s no way you’re stepping out under the sun. As you stare at the slow-moving ceiling fan, you can’t help but wish for some excitement in your life, something to look forward to, a moment of cool respite amidst the sultry boredom that the summer brings.

And that’s how it goes for most of us. With the heat, the onset of summer awakens an old longing for excitement. Through long afternoons that drag on for several scorching hours, we try to figure out exactly when did life turn so monotonous as we remember our action-packed, carefree summer holidays when there was no school and every day held the promise of a brand new adventure.

While it may not necessarily bring direction to your life, we’ve got the recipe for a summer cooler that’s sure to bring you the feeling of pure, blissful nirvana.

The Cold Coffee Sparkle is a delicious, cold-brewed blend that gives you a sneak peek into what paradise feels like with every sip. Made from four everyday household ingredients, you can whip up this refreshing cuppa in under a minute, as shown in this video.




While all that you really need to do to make a cold-brew coffee is extract your coffee shot and pour it over cold water/milk with a generous quantity of ice, the fact is that cold-brewed coffee just tastes so much better. Recent studies have shown that cold-brewed coffee is about 70 percent less acidic than hot-brewed. This means that the inherent fruitiness of the coffee is preserved and the burnt flavour that often ruins hot-brewed coffee is no longer a concern. The minimized acidity makes it a much healthier option for your stomach and your teeth.

To make your own Cold Coffee Sparkle, you will need milk, ice, coffee and sugar (optional). Use freshly ground, coarse-grained coffee for best results. The coffee used in the video is the rich, fruity Sunkissed blend from Flying Squirrel which makes for a flavourful, satisfying cup of Cold Coffee Sparkle.



First, pour your coffee shot into a blender and add milk, ice and sugar. Then blend the mixture till all the ice has been crushed. This is what adds the “sparkle” to the coffee. Finally, pour yourself a nice, tall glass of this delicious, inviting drink and add a touch of bliss to an otherwise uneventful day.



P.S. To make your day truly extraordinary, make a few pitchers of Cold Coffee Sparkle for your friends and bask in all the glory and adoration that is sure to come your way.