Moka Pot Coffee Maker


Classic chrome stove top or electric coffee pot, the Moka Pot is designed to serve you the perfect shot of espresso to get you jolting up. The pot has three sections; the bottom most is filled with water and in the middle is where you put your ground coffee. As the pressure builds up with the boiling water, the hot water rushes through the ground coffee and gushes into the top most section giving you the perfectly blended Espresso. Get your perfect espresso shot; use The Flying Squirrel’s Sattva or Aromatique.
This equipment ships with a 50 gms trial pack Parama . Brew using this coffee for a richer, creamier ‘espresso’.


Moka Pot is an espresso coffee maker that can be used on most cooking appliances and gives you an excellent cup of coffee. This coffee percolator sits flawlessly on any stove top and lets the aroma of fresh coffee take over your home. The three compartments fit together easily with a screwing mechanism. It is made of stainless steel with a plastic handle which is easy to hold. With this espresso maker, coffee making becomes easy and fun.

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