The Flying Squirrel Cafe in Koramangala, Bengaluru (our micro roastery + cafe) is a beautiful interactive space that works on multiple levels.To begin with it functions as our main roastery, where beans are roasted for our online orders (on and to be dispatched daily across the country and some parts of the world. We also roast beans for our orders placed by the dozens of other cafes, restaurants and hotels that serve The Flying Squirrel coffee, across India. The cafe also functions as an experience centre where hundreds of our customers come in to experience freshly brewed coffee, understand the roasting process, speak to one of our senior staff to get an understanding about the beans, the processing, the flavours and taste profiles of the coffee etc. The cafe is also the space where we conduct regular workshops on brewing, tasting, roasting etc. We have guest baristas visiting us, conducting workshops, we have evenings of the performing arts, we have pop-ups of artisan produce, and a lot more.

136, 1st Cross, Below Golds Gym,
Koramangala 5th Block,
Bangalore – 560095

 080 4099 1044



Our roasting takes place in micro-lots about 3-5 times a week, depending on the volume of orders received. The roasting is done on our German Probat machine. At our cafe near Koramangala, Our trained roasters perfectly guide each variant of our 8 coffees (green beans such as Parama, Sattva, Sunkissed etc.) through a pre-determined graph of time and temperature (known as profile roasting), therefore giving each of our variants a unique and interesting taste profile. These profiles for each of these variants have been determined through a lot of experimentation, tasting and evaluation.

We do regularly conduct workshops on roasting with very limited participation. Do follow our Facebook or Instagram pages to stay tuned. You could also visit our events page to find out what the next workshop is about. .



Our state of the art brewing counter is equipped with a perfect mix of some truly remarkable machinery and talent. All coffees are ground fresh, just before brewing and served at the perfect temperatures to highlight flavour, sweetness and body. We definitely don’t believe in super-dark roasting our coffee (as it burns out all the subtle flavours of a good coffee while hiding it’s faults) just as we don’t believing in serving our milk coffees ‘piping hot’ (as the milk loses it’s sweetness and soft texture beyond 65 degrees centigrade).

Our skilled team of baristas are constantly working on creating newer, interesting drinks, checking consistency of daily brews, making grind size adjustments based on weather and humidity conditions, learning newer techniques of latte art and more.