The Art Of Artisan Coffee

The Flying Squirrel - a micro roastery cum café, is a great place for coffee fans to sip various types of coffee and know all about coffee.

The Flying Squirrel is one of the few artisanal coffee brands in India, and part of the bean-to-cup movement that is slowly gaining popularity in the country. Though they began selling freshly roasted coffee online a few years ago, they have now started The Flying Squirrel cafe and microroastery in Bangalore, as an ‘experience center’ of sorts, where they can interact with coffee enthusiasts, demonstrate brewing methods, and also pair coffee with interesting dishes.

At their plantations in Coorg, each bean is carefully grown, harvested and roasted, to attain a distinctive flavour profile. Co-founder Ashish D’Abreo shares how dark roasting coffee burns the beans to create a familiar bitter taste, but terroir-focused growing and light roasting can bring out the true flavours of the bean.

Here, he shares an insight into the evolution of The Flying Squirrel, and shares what makes the coffee from a microroastery special.